Saturday, July 11, 2009

My mommy is going to Denver tomorrow night to see her friend. I am scarred she will get in a car accidint. we saw a bad car accidint last time we went there. i hope she will be ok.


  1. I'm sorry that you are so scared, Hayley. Just remember that your mommy is a very safe driver and she will be extra careful because she knows that she has four beautiful little girls who are waiting at home for her. Are you going to stay at Grandma's house? I know that she will have fun things for you to do so that you don't have to worry. Just remember that there are lots and lots and lots of cars on the road and you hardly ever see an accident. Accidents are usually caused by someone who does something really dumb and I know that your mommy won't do anything like that and she will try to avoid anyone who does.

  2. Care Bear,

    I came over from Grandma's blog. I know it can be scary when our mother's travel but I know she will be careful. After all, she knows that her girls are waiting for her to come home to them.

    When you get scared, just pray for God to help you be brave. He is always nearby.


  3. Hi Hayley,

    I am sorry you feel scared, but I want you to know that I think it is wonderful that you wrote your feelings down. The best writers write about their feelings and their experiences. You are a great writer!

    Also, sometimes writing about our feelings helps us to feel better.

    A car accident is a very scary thing to see. I know you will feel better when you know that your mom has arrived in Denver, safe and sound.

    Keep writing! Keep reading! Keep drawing! :-)

  4. I will say a very special prayer for God to keep your mommy safe while she is on her trip to Denver.
    She knows that you worry about her so she will drive very carefully and God will take care of her.
    God would also want you to be brave and trust his to take care of her for you.

  5. I'm sorry that you're feeling frightened too honey. We will pray that the Lord will keep her safe.
    You're doing a great job on your blog. It's fun to come and visit you.
    Have a fun week!

  6. I guess mommy is home by now! I know that you know God takes care of your mommy when she's away from you! He also takes care of you! I enjoy reading your blog.